European Powder Metallurgy Association

Mounting Unit MIM

Mounting Unit

Company: Parmaco

Density: 7.80 g/cc
Tensile Strength: 430 Mpa
Yield Strength: 275 - 310 MPa
Hardness: 150 HV1
Elongation: >26%
Thermal Expansion: 12 x 10 -6 / 0C
Diameter: 43mm
Finishing: fnished by wire EDM

This product forms part of a lens system for a high performance distance measuring system, which has the capability of measuring up to 5000m within an accuracy of 2ppm.

Produced by MIM with a high degree of accuracy for use by Leica Geosystems AG in Switzerland the mounting unit is composed of 7% Nickel 93% iron with a C max of 0.01%


Mechanical Connector MIM

Mechanical Connector

Company: AMT

Sintered Weight: 39g
Tensile Strength: 890 Newtons/mm2 (as sintered), 1150 Newtons/mm2 (H900)
Hardness: 22 HRC (as sintered), 35 - 38 HRC (H900)
Shrinkage: 12.5%
Relative Density: 97.5%

This stainless steel mechanical connector offers good corrosion resistance and structural strength.


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