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Surface Densified Camshaft Gear PMSP

Sintered Camshaft Gear

Company: MIBA Sintermetall GmbH

Weight: 370g
Density: (core) >7.0 up to 7.8 (surface)
Tensile Strength: 890 MPa (core)
Hardness: 750 HV5 toothflank, 200 HV5 core
Poisson's ratio: core 0.27, surface 0.29

This sintered camshaft gear works at a performance level that was previously restricted to wrought steel. It actually replaced an existing steel gear. The application of surface densification of the flank as well as the tooth root on a prealloyed sintered steel led to a performance level similar to cas hardened steel (e.g. 16 Mn Cr5). To our knowledge it is the first application of a sintered gear for a high performance camshaft drive of an internal combustion engine - several other applications of sintered gears have since been introduced into mass production or are under development.



Inner Hub of a Pulley for a Compressor PMSP

Inner Hub of a Pulley for a Compressor

Company: Hitachi Powdered Metals Co Ltd and Denso Corporation

Weight: 39.3g (as a typical product)
Tensile Strength: 255 (N/mm2)
Yield Strength: 255 (=0.2% N/mm2)
Product Density: 6.60 (g/cm3)
Hardness: 83 HRB

This product is applied to the inner hub of a pulley used for a vehicle air conditioner compressor. It acts as a mechanical fuse to protect the pulley and belt in case of an overload.


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