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Transfer Case Sliding Sleeve PMSP

Transfer Case Sliding Sleeve

Company: Sintertech

Tensile Strength: 1200 MPa
Product Density: 7.5 g/cm3
Product Hardness: 750 Hv0.1
Finishing: Sizing, Rolling, Machining, Heat treatment

This part is used in a transfer case on 4WD SUVs. It combines two main functions: the upper part is a sliding sleeve similar to what could be found in a standard manual transmission and the lower part a ring gear as in an automatic transmission planetary assembly.

Traditionally this part was made out of two wrought steel forged parts (sliding sleeve and ring gear), with the sleeve press fitted on the ring gear then welded onto it. Thanks to PM’s unique capabilities the entire part can be produced in one operation. This enables a major cost saving of some 20% compared to conventional production methods.



Double Bulge Diamond Bead for Stone Cutting MIM

Double Bulge Diamond Bead for Stone Cutting

Company: MIMItalia

Density: > 8
Hardness: > 240 HV
Weight: 2.15g
Finishing: The bead is sintered onto a steel cylindrical support, and then brazed to the support with a eutectic Cu/Ag alloy

The fabrication of the beads for diamond wires for stone cutting is commonly performed by means of hot pressing, both uniaxially and isostatically, but more and more often by means of the press-and-sinter route. In the former processes the densification of the powders is aided by a pressure applied by a graphite ram or by an inert gas; on the contrary, in the press-andsinter process densification occurs at low pressure (or vacuum) only because of the effect of temperature. In all cases a preforming of the green bead by means of uniaxial cold pressing is required.

A totally new patented system based on Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) technology has been developed and offers considerable advantages in speed and cost saving.


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